Here we are, still running on adrenaline, after a 54 hour extravaganza to get Kinetix Academy launched!!


Wow!! WE DID IT, WE WON!!! What a weekend. Mari and I had a tremendous experience and worked with some amazing people at the Startup Weekend in Seattle. There are so many pieces of this weekend that reminded me of all the efforts that were put into the establishing of ICAN Center for Autism. The drive, the passion, the late nights, the lack of sleep; It is so tremendous to see the vision come to life of technology specifically supporting individuals with autism. This has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and it was amazing to see Mari's game ideas come to reality with the support of Justin and Shashi. We were so fortunate to meet those two over the weekend. There were teams of 8 or more and we were a small but very focused team that meshed very well, created an amazing prototype, and were able to have the Miller menagerie test out the application on Sunday morning. We are forever grateful for their support and for the support from all of our families here at LCA.

As this project progresses we plan on building a more comprehensive team of developers and designers to create a fully functional version of a game with back end data to be able to track the progress of the child that is using it. From there we will work on developing and releasing new games on a periodic basis.

Keep watching us, there are more exciting things to come!!!!