My Favorite Articulation Homework: DIY Silly Phrases Books

Easily my favorite articulation homework to make with my clients is what I call their “silly sentences” book and here’s how you make it:

  1. Gather materials: paper, stapler, pencils/markers
  2. Staple the papers together along the long edge of the paper
  3. Cut up almost to the top so that the book now has two or three sections 
  4. Brainstorm what words to put in for the adjectives and nouns flaps
  5. Have fun making and then re-making a whole lot of silly sentences!
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This activity helps me to make an engaging home practice activity that my client will hopefully be excited to share with their grown-ups, helps me take some baseline data on if they can discriminate sounds in words and identify their target sounds (or if we have only achieved mastery of a motor pattern), and get an idea of what associations my client is making when practicing their speech sounds.

Happy articulation practice!