Masks, masks, and more masks! (3 tips and a video)

There are several promising clinical trials for Covid-19 vaccines, however we will likely continue to wear masks through the beginning of 2021 as we wait for mass distribution. Our kids don't always enjoy or easily tolerate extended periods of mask wearing, but we can use some strategies to help them feel more comfortable and stay safe at the same time.

Be honest

You know your child and family best, but a little honesty can go a long way. Explaining the reasons for wearing a mask can help some children be more willing and tolerant of mask wearing.

Choosing a material

If you’re giving your child a cloth mask, look out for fabrics that are rough or itchy! Even as an adult, I've had a hard time wearing a few masks that I thought were very cute but turned out to be rather uncomfortable after an hour.

Ask for help

If you're finding it a constant struggle to encourage mask wearing in public, ask for help! This could be from your OT, BCBA, or even grandma! Sometimes learning to tolerate something so new it really hard and maybe there's someone in your neighborhood who can help out.

For other great tips to teach mask wearing, check out our ICANLearn video on the topic:

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This information is not intended as intervention recommendations and is not behavior-analytic in nature (not covered by my BACB credential)