ICAN Partners with Innov8

    ICAN Partners with INNOV8   Dear parents and families of ICAN,   We are pleased to announce a partnership with the company Innov8, a technology company focused on creating software applications focused on improving access to services for families affected by autism and neurodevelopmental disorders (www.innov8.care).   Our initial priority with Innov8 and […]


We believe now is a time when we must take a stand about doing the right thing and not give into the pressure from an insurance company. For this reason, we recently decided to cancel our contract with Beacon. Providers are constantly facing downward pressure from insurance companies, including but not limited to poor/reducing reimbursement, […]


We wanted to keep you informed of the challenges associated with some insurance plans. There are a number of plans that are moving to require pre-authorization of ALL of your treatment services. If your plan is one that requires pre-authorization your insurance will not cover your treatment unless it is separately approved by eviCore a […]


WOW! We are celebrating another year here at ICAN. The best part is celebrating with the tremendous hard working team here. They are truly dedicated, passionate and drive people that want to make a difference in so many ways. Thank you to our team and thank you to the families that have trust in us […]

Thank you Speech Team!

<a href="https://i2 click this site.wp.com/lakesideautism.com/wp-content/uploads/speech-pic.png”>It is better speech and hearing awareness month! We would like to thank our amazing speech therapists for their commitment to the families of ICAN. They are a tremendous group of professionals committed to the best hope and future. Thank you John, Mary, Heather, Kalayla, Carrie and Cameron!

6 Years!

Dear Families, Colleagues and Friends, Welcome to the 6th Anniversary celebration of ICAN Center for Autism I write this statement with honor and gratitude. It is truly an honor that we have the opportunity to provide care and develop relationships with the children and families that attend our clinic. I was in my office yesterday […]

The Benefits of Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings Account Use and Benefits: With new insurance plans that are coming into play with higher deductibles and higher co-insurance amounts we wanted to share information regarding ways to plan for the costs and ways that you can benefit from Health Savings Account (HSA) programs. Many HSA accounts allow you to begin contributing at […]

Quick Tip – Eye Contact

In this age of tablets, Xbox Ones, and PS4s, it can be nice to get some real face time (and not Facetime on your iPhone!).  Often adults stress the importance of eye contact with children, but they might not explain to the child why looking at someone is important in an interaction.  So try this: […]

FUNctional Activities!

It’s no secret that kids today are constantly exposed to new television shows, video games, and other various media.  It seems as though each week one of my kids is talking about a new video game or app on the iPad that is “the bomb”.  Ok, so maybe my kids don’t say that exactly, but […]