Auditory Comprehension Narrative Rap, Anyone?

Here is a goofy project I did for my aural rehabilitation class in college.  And before Jay-Z and Jimmy Page can take credit – the rhyming and guitar playing is all me:

[soundcloud url=”″]

The idea here is to play the song, and then ask questions about what happened during the protagonist’s trip to the store – thus addressing auditory memory and comprehension.  Here are some questions you could ask about the song:

1.  What was the person doing at the beginning of the song?

2. What did the person have in their refrigerator?

3. How did the person get to the store?

4. What kinds of foods did the person see at the store?

5. What did the person eventually buy?

Feel free to use it in therapy – just send me a dollar each time you play the song.  Oh, and my enunciation might not be the best – but rappin’ ain’t easy.

Posted by: Andy, Speech-Language Pathologist