Snowy Language Activities

Real or pretend… here are some ideas for a few "snowy" activities this January! I grew up in Florida where snow is more a myth than reality, but even in a warmer area you can use snow to build your child’s language repertoire and experience!

Make fake "snow"

This is a great hands-on activity that can be used in a whole lot of ways! You can use it to work on following directions (spoken or written), asking for help or more supplies, and even retelling events ("Tell grandma how we made that snow!"). All you need to make it is baking soda and shaving cream! Put some shaving cream in a bowl or pan, pour on some baking soda, and get mixing!

Draw or paint a snow man

Art is a wonderful leisure activity to teach our kids! You can also use it to teach following directions and understanding basic concepts (e.g., first draw a big circle), describing a picture ("Tell me all about her!"), or answering wh- questions ("Where is your snow man?").

Read a book about snow

Hop down to your local library (or search online) and find a book about snow. Read it together and share any stories you have about snow! Books are also great opportunities to introduce vocabulary your child might not encounter on a typical January day.

Happy New Year!