FALL & Teletherapy

Keeping our therapy materials exciting and interesting is half the battle of teaching new skills. As the season starts to change, I'm so excited to start adding a few new items to my teletherapy materials roster! 

Here are a few of the materials I'm using this season to keep my kids engaged and having fun during their sessions! Comment below what activities you're looking forward to using this season! 

Read an online book!

Books are so multipurpose and I love using them in my sessions! Have you signed up for Epic! yet? Its an online library of books and you can access it for free! The site has books at a variety of reading levels and I can't wait to find books for my teletherapy sessions. Here are a few I'm looking forward to:

What Happens in Fall? Animals in Fall, by Mari Schuh (Level: J)


Weather in the Fall, By Jenna Lee Gleisner (Level: I)


So You Want to Grow a Pie, By Brigid Heos (Level M)


Drawing Trees in the Fall (…kicking things old school) 

I know it's not teletherapy specific, but this season brings up some specific vocabulary that we can target just through drawing! And drawing trees with a fall time twist can help you target so much more than vocabulary:

  • Color expressive and receptive vocabulary ("Make the leaves yellow")
  • Following directions ("Draw one small leaf and one big leaf!")
  • Expanding leisure activities
  • Requesting or making choices ("Do you want your tree to be orange or red?")
  • Requesting for help ("Help me draw the trunk")

Make your tree instructions as easy (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZPd4Rx5XMs) or difficult (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhQ_fAl0Fh8) as you like for your learner's skill level!

What's your favorite Boom card deck this month?

Boom cards have become a frequent go to for me both during teletherapy and in the clinic! The interactive nature of the sets can be so motivating to learners who usually do not engage with simple flash cards and I've found many teach skills in a more contextualized manner, too!

I know some are discipline specific (this one says its for SLPs), but interactive scenes like this set can be used for so much more than just speech sound practice:

  • Following directions
  • Picture description
  • Turn taking
  • Flexibility ("Mom gets to pick where the apples go…")
  • And more!

I'm looking forward to using this set for both speech and language targets! It seems really utilitarian!

FALL No Print Speech Therapy Boom Cards for Distance Learning and Teletherapy


Singing Songs

Songs are one of my favorite ways to get my learners engaged! It can be a little strange to just sing into the computer (for me at least!), but I've started to use some simple online videos as one way to incorporate music into my sessions. Here's one example: Orange, Yellow, Red, and Brown from The Learning Station – Kids Songs and Nursey Rymes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Co-gRUgMSfI&list=PLS7VFk2C7ipaNl0Du-PXER4uBgQ1v-fpz)

I'm planning to incorporate this song into my teletherapy to address:

  • Fun fill ins (pause and have the child fill in the next part)
  • Color identification and labeling
  • And engagement with the parent. (I use it as an opportunity to coach parents on using the song for engagement later and singing it with hand movements instead of the video)

Did you find this post helpful? Let us know in the comments and we'll update you for the next holiday or season!

See you soon!


Please note this is not an endorsement for the makers of any paid products and we were not sponsored or otherwise incentivized to include those products. They are simply products I enjoy using and am looking forward to using the rest of the month!