Updated Pediatric Milestones

The CDC and AAP worked together to update developmental milestones for the first time in almost twenty years! The categories for milestones are motor, language, cognitive and social. Changes were made to allow for and encourage earlier intervention should there be something concerning regarding your child’s development. Research shows that early intervention is best, and the updates should prevent the “wait and see” approach which can prevent children from receiving care as early as they may need it. The current milestones are now set based on at least 75% of children meeting them at the desired age; some milestones were taken off and approximately 68% of the retained milestones from previous recommendations were moved to later ages. There are now milestones added for 15 months and 30 months to coincide with recommendations for well child visits.

For a full list of the newly recommended milestones go to the following link, or download the CDC Milestone Tracker app (https://www.cdc.gov/actearly/materials). If your child is not completing the appropriate milestones, contact your pediatrician or talk to your occupational, physical, or speech therapist today!