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Summer Camps

2019 Summer Camps to be announced…

Our camps are for children ages 4-11 and will be grouped by age during each session.

Summer Camp Descriptions

ICAN Summer Jam – Whether your kiddo is simply curious about learning to play an instrument, or has serious rock star dreams ICAN music camp is a great way to explore all things music while having loads of fun and making new friends. This camp will also incorporate tons of fun physical activities because sometimes even accomplished musicians need to work out the wiggles.

All Sorts of Sports – We focus on exposing our ICAN Athletes to a wide variety of sports, drills, and games. Campers work on skills and compete in traditional sports like Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Football, and Tennis. Campers will also engage in fun and less traditional athletics (but kiddo favorites) like Capture the Flag, Run the Bases, Tag and more!

Say Yes To The Mess -This is the quintessential arts and crafts week! Your ICAN Artist will engage in a hodgepodge of art inspired activities that include crayons, clay, colored pencils, paints etc… the sky is the limit! We will use all the fun crafty terms guaranteed to inspire sketching, blending, carving, molding, sculpting, pasting, and painting!

Wet And Wild Water Camp–  Make a splash! Each day is filled with water themed activities; from water inspired games in the park to learning all about the wonderful creatures that live in the sea. Your kiddo will explore all things H2O-Don’t forget to pack an extra towel!

Go for the Gold– With the 2018 Summer Olympics  in full swing, ICAN will join the fun with this Olympic themed     summer camp. Your kiddos will enjoy lots of fun activities  including creating their own team flags, making their own medals and have Opening and Closing  Ceremony celebrations! There will also be a really great mix of activities inspired by actual Olympic events with a focus on teams and cooperation.

Harry Potter Camp -ICAN becomes Hogwarts this summer as we explore the wonderful world of Harry Potter. Your kiddo will be sorted into houses and begin a magical transformation. Our little wizards will make magic wands, brew potions with our Potion Master and learn the Wizarding game of Quidditch and so much more.

A Bugs Life – If creepy crawlers fascinate your Kiddo then ICAN’s A Bugs Life summer camp is the camp for them. Insects are amazing creatures – small but powerful, slimy yet beautiful – and play important roles our ecosystems. Campers will learn about insect natural history through a series of fun projects and activities.

Superhero Adventure Camp  – Boom! Pow! Wham! ! ICAN is looking for boys and girls with superhero talents to join us as we create our own superhero personas, discover the science behind super powers, and most importantly, combine our talents to DO GOOD! If Your kiddo is  superhero in the making this is the camp for them.

Camp runs from 8am-4pm Monday-Friday with an optional 1/2 day for campers who receive therapies, social skills, or attend other programs.

For campers with conflicting therapy schedules, therapists may pick up camper from camp to provide services or push into camp and support camper during camp activity.

For eligible learners, ABA support may be provided in the camp setting, pending BCBA approval.