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Bellevue North

Dear Mosaic families,

It is my pleasure to announce that ICAN, a leading service provider for children and families affected by developmental challenges, has purchased Mosaic of Bellevue and will move forward under the ICAN name.

Mosaic has specialized in providing cutting-edge occupational and speech-language therapy services for children and young adults. Their experienced team of SIPT-certified therapists collaborate with doctors, family members, and caregivers to deliver comprehensive care that services their patients’ needs from birth to adolescence. Mosaic’s 15-year history of service has built their reputation into a high-profile institution recognized by organizations like Seattle Children’s Hospital, Allegro Pediatrics and Kindering for their exemplary care and patient success, making them a highly trusted resource in the community for both medical providers and families.

A commitment to hope and a future for children and families affected by developmental challenges around the world is our story and vision. When I founded ICAN in 2008 I strived for hope and futures for all the patients and families I served. Today ICAN is a leader in treatment, education and diagnosis of children with developmental challenges in the Pacific Northwest. We achieve our vision as a multidisciplinary team, using evidence-based treatment, excellent people, innovative approaches and engagement from our families. From a single provider to a committed group of over 90 people; collectively we have contributed to the hope and future of over 2200 families, and international recognition for the knowledge and services provided.

The values of these two outstanding organizations are supportive of each other and our shared goal is to continue to provide high quality and multi-disciplinary services to you and our community.

We are pleased to be remaining in the same convenient location with current employees continuing to offer occupational, physical, and speech/language services, and we’re excited to add Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Psychological services to the continuum of care.

We are striving to make this transition as seamless as possible and greatly appreciate your patience with us during this time. We will be reaching out with further information as we make necessary changes. If you need to reach us, we can be contacted at 425-657-0620 or

We are truly excited to continue to provide home and future for your child and family. We look forward to meeting you all.

Warmest regards,
Dan Stachelski, MS, CCC-SLP
President ICAN

Core Values

We believe that our values have helped shape our success and provide guidance for our future. You will find what we believe in the following core value statements.

We invest in our patients with compassionate care and pride
We are building this together
We embrace change to get better every day
We care about your success
We create the path