Navigating insurance

Navigating Insurance

Many strides have been made for the coverage of services for children with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders. In fact there an increasing number of mandates that are requiring insurance to cover the treatment if individuals with autism and related disabilities. As more organizations, families and clinics work together to advocate for insurance coverage it will become easier over time to obtain the necessary services you deserve.

When a child and family are affected by autism there are many things that must be learned about insurance so that you can get access to the prescribed care. Together we are on your team to support in the advocacy to get the coverage you need.

Our caring, supportive and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process of insurance coverage and give our best efforts to obtain the supports you need.

All benefits and eligibility quotes are not guaranteed and provided as a courtesy. All benefits and eligibility are based on information provided from insurance carriers. It is recommended that members verify coverage through their insurance carrier.