Know your plan

Know Your Plan

There are two types of insurance plans:

Fully Funded

In Fully Funded Plans, the employer and/or employee pay the premiums. Fully Funded Plans are required to follow all state and federal mandates that exist where the plan is purchased. If your state has a mandate to cover ABA services or services for autism spectrum disorders the insurance plan must cover it.


Self-Funded Plans, the employer sets up a fund to pay claims as they are received. These plans are not required to follow state mandates. It is up to the individual selecting the plan whether they choose to cover ABA and services related to autism spectrum disorders.

Which do I have?

The easiest way to find out is to talk with your HR department or representative or contact the customer care line on the back of your insurance card.

All benefits and eligibility quotes are not guaranteed and provided as a courtesy. All benefits and eligibility are based on information provided from insurance carriers. It is recommended that members verify coverage through their insurance carrier.