Determining Benefits


We go through a comprehensive intake process to ensure we meet all of your needs and make the appropriate internal and external referrals. The process for determining benefits is directly connected to our evaluations and the process is as follows:

  1. Contact ICAN for an Intake appointment
  2. ICAN works with you to verify benefits for the initial appointment
  3. Initial intake session is conducted with recommendations for evaluations
  4. Evaluations are scheduled for all recommended areas
  5. Benefits are checked for the recommended services following the assessments
  6. A feedback session is conducted with a summary of recommendations and treatment plans
  7. Sessions are scheduled to meet your child’s recommendations

We are here to work with you to access benefits as best we can.

All benefits and eligibility quotes are not guaranteed and provided as a courtesy. All benefits and eligibility are based on information provided from insurance carriers. It is recommended that members verify coverage through their insurance carrier.