Written By Occupational Therapist Sneha Parikh

With everyone being home at the same time, people are adjusting to what feels like are much smaller confines of their living space — whether it’s a four-bedroom home, a condo or an apartment. For parents with children with physical, sensory or cognitive issues, you may also be trying to continue therapy at home through telehealth.

Occupational therapy helps individuals improve physical or mental limitations by performing daily activities. Therapies that require movement, like occupational therapy are challenging in small living spaces. While at outpatient ICAN clinic, children may use slides or swings during occupational therapy.

But with telehealth, your family may have only a few extra feet to move around in for therapy. 

Your child’s occupational therapist can help personalize activities based on the materials you have on hand and on your space.

Don’t get frustrated if something doesn’t work for your child. Occupational therapy is all about learning what does and does not work for children, so we can help them learn and grow. #ICAN #occupationaltherpay

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