Summer Camp

Mon 6/27/2022 - Fri 8/19/2022

3.. 2.. 1.. BLAST OFF! June 27-July 1 (WEEK 1) Spend a week in space at ICAN’s summer camp! We’ll be traveling to the stars in our homemade rockets, experimenting, finding moon rocks, and learning about the stars! We can’t wait to blast off to the stars with you!

GROW WITH IT July 5-8 (no camp July 4) (WEEK 2) You don’t need a green thumb to come to our “Grow with it!” camp! This week we will be sprouting seeds, digging in the dirt, and playing with all things green and growing. Our art will be inspired by nature and we’ll find out about all things that grow green!

MYSTERY AT THE MUSEUM July 11-15 (WEEK 3) What is this? Someone has stolen the most famous art from the museum? How could this be? At camp this week we will find out by solving the mystery! And probably making some art of our own along the way. Pack your magnifying glass because we are detectives this week!

UNDER THE SEA July 18-22 (WEEK 4) Its water week at ICAN’s summer camp! Get ready for fish, whale, and dolphin inspired week of water games, water balloons, and water inspired art and sensory projects!!

Fossil Find July 25-29 (WEEK 5) The dinosaurs are coming out to play this week! Our campers are turning into paleotologists looking for the lost bones of dinos! While on the hunt for our dinosaur friends we’ll learn about different dinosaurs, make dinos out of wacky materials, and maybe even dress up like one!

Time travel to the... winter olympics August 1-5 (WEEK 6) We’re going back to the time of snow and skis at ICAN! Get ready for an Olympics inspired week of games, challenges, and fun! What’s your favorite Olympic sport?

Science Squad August 8-12 (WEEK 7) Get ready to team up for some scientific exploration! We’ll be experimenting all week making new solutions, learning about the physics of flight, and making something go boom! Put on your white coat and goggles because things are going to be messy! Wild wilderness week

August 15-19 (WEEK 8) What lives out in the wilderness? We are going to explore to find both the animals and plants of the forest! Will there be deer sightings? What kind of art can we make with what we find outside? Where will our trail map lead us? You will have to join us for the last week of camp to find out!!

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