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A commitment to hope and a future for children and families affected by autism and developmental disorders around the world is our story and vision. ICAN (formerly Lakeside) was founded in 2008 by a therapist that strived for hope and futures for all the patients and families he served. Today, ICAN is the leader in treatment, education and diagnosis of autism and developmental disorders in the Pacific Northwest. We achieve this as a multidisciplinary team, using evidence based treatment, excellent people, innovative approaches and engagement from the families. We welcome all our families to become part of our team to achieve the best possible outcome for your child and family.

From a single provider to a team of 78 people; our team has contributed to the growth and successes of over 1900 families, the establishment of 2 facilities (including being recognized as a Diagnostic Center for Excellence by the state of Washington), and international recognition for the knowledge and services provided.

Core Values

We believe that our values have helped shape our success and provide guidance for our future. You will find what we believe in the following core value statements.

OUR PATIENTS:We invest in our patients with compassionate care and pride.COMMUNITY:We are building this together.GROWTH:We embrace change to get better every day.OUR PEOPLE:We care about your success.INNOVATION:We create the path.FUN:#weliketopartyandeat

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