Can PT over Telehealth really be beneficial?

With the help of the pandemic, telehealth has grown increasingly more popular with both doctors appointments and rehab appointments. Due to the nature of physical therapy, many parents wonder if it is still worthwhile to continue PT during the pandemic.

As a pediatric physical therapist who has been performing telehealth treatment sessions for the past year, I can say that it is in fact beneficial and worthwhile to continue PT. One of the biggest positives is the interaction between kids and parents. Parents are now able to be a more active part of physical therapy sessions, which means more carryover during the week, which leads to goals being met faster. Doing physical therapy in the home environment and teaching families how to incorporate exercises, postures or positioning can help the whole family. I have seen parents become more excited about home exercise programs and are inviting siblings to get stronger too!

Here are some examples of what a telehealth session might look like:

Preschool and Elementary

  • Warm up: yoga video on YouTube
  • Exercises: targeted based on patient goals (using online spinner or visual schedule)
  • Game: patient choice
  • Exercises: examples include animal walks, ball skills, jumping, etc
  • Game: patient choice
  • Exercises

Middle and High School

  • Warm up: endurance exercises such as jumping jacks, burpees, ski jumps, etc
  • Exercises: targeted based on patient goals (strength, balance, endurance)
  • Water Break
  • Exercises: examples include planks, variety of sit ups, back extension, superman, quadruped, etc
  • Break: patient choice
  • Exercises: examples include quick ball taps, walking lunges, lunge with twist, squats, etc

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