The Incredible Years

Parent Training Program:

Autism Spectrum & Language Delays

The Incredible Years® training series is a proven effective parenting program for strengthening nurturing and responsive parenting and effective behavior management strategies. These programs have been shown in research studies to prevent and treat behavior problems, AND increase children’s social competence and emotion regulation at home and school.

The Incredible Years® ASD & Language Delays Parent Training Program will teach parents to:

  • Build positive relationships with their child through child-directed play
  • Promote their child’s language development and school readiness
  • Coach their child through persistence with difficult and novel tasks
  • Promote friendship skills with social coaching
  • Improve their child’s emotion regulation skills
  • Improve social skills and empathy with pretend play
  • Use praise and rewards to motivate their child
  • Set effective limits and manage problem behaviors

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I’m so grateful to each and every one of you for working so patiently with Ryan to help him overcome many of his challenges! You’ve made therapy sessions such a fun experience for him and I’m so happy that he’s developed such a passion for learning. - Ryan's Story