[fresh_quote source=”Scott”]My daughter is thriving at ICAN! So grateful for their awesome service. I highly recommend ICAN Center for Autism![/fresh_quote]

[fresh_quote source=”Amy”]We moved to the Eastside almost two years ago and our pediatrician recommend ICAN Center for Autism. Our little boy has PDDNOS and Hypotonia (low muscle tone) and goes to ICAN for PT, ST and OT and we couldn’t be happier. We even made the decision to homeschool next year so that he can continue with the immensely beneficial therapies at ICAN – we have seen THAT much of an improvement in our son. I have recommended ICAN to anyone who needs to be evaluated or treated for any special needs. We are so, so thankful to have found this amazing, magical place :)[/fresh_quote]

[fresh_quote source=”Deedee”]Our family have been clients of ICAN Center for Autism since the summer of 2010. At that point, our son who has an ASD diagnosis had outgrown the early intervention program that he attended previously, and by four years-old, he was needing a therapy provider that could serve him better. We had heard of ICAN from other families, and decided it was worth the commute to provide our son such spectacular care.

In the two years we’ve been here, they’ve not disappointed. We’ve gone on to have Newt’s three other siblings evaluated, as they’ve presented developmental delays, as well. They’ve provided prompt and organized service in scheduling, which can be complicated with a family of four children all receiving services.

The quality of their therapeutic services was excellent to begin with, but they’ve steadily improve things over the last two years. They’ve added psychological services with the addition of Dr. Reilly, and that’s streamlined the evaluation process (something we experienced before and after his addition to the staff). They’ve since added in-home therapy services, and recently, ABA therapy.

We know what a gem ICAN is, especially because our large family can be completely served, all under one roof, well past the early intervention stage. That’s a rarity in autism care, and we know it, and are very thankful for their care![/fresh_quote]

[fresh_quote source=”Becky”]I can’t say enough good things about ICAN. They have changed our lives and provided us with hope. They provide the best one-to-one care I’ve seen in King County. It’s also the only place I’ve seen that provides all the care we need in one location. It is priceless. I highly recommend ICAN.[/fresh_quote]

[fresh_quote source=”Carrie”]This place has given my family hope. We can not recommend them enough to other children and parents going through the challenges of Autism.[/fresh_quote]

[fresh_quote source=”Yao”]My son loves lakeside! He attends preschool and receives therapy there. He always looks forward to going to school. When we went on a vacation last month, he asked “Will my teachers be there?” and he’s disappointed that they were not coming.

He has made great progress at ICAN. Their treatment is the most comprehensive one I have ever seen. The staff there are very knowledgeable, helpful, caring and playful.

The preschool staff work closely with his OT/PT/ST therapists. It is great to have everything under one roof and save me lots of trip. The preschool not only teach all age appropriate preschool stuff but also treat his delay in speech and social in the most fun way. His constipation has disappeared too because the preschool staff make sure he drinks a lot and do lots of exercise. They have a nice gym where children can go on rainy days. They do sports, yoga, and lots of physical games. Also a nice outdoor area with Spring Free Trampoline!

I found that improvement in gross motor does help with his fine motor too. He used to go to a developmental preschool in Redmond. Though their morning autism program called SNAP was nice, my son didn’t learn or enjoy the afternoon preschool class. He didn’t want to go to school and cried a lot there. When I tested him on what he was supposed to learn, he could not answer and was not interested in the weekly themes at all.

Therefore, I moved him to ICAN, and I saw an immediate change. He started to sing songs taught at ICAN preschool, and become interested in the weekly topics. I think there are 3 reasons for this change: 1)staff are much more caring and engaging. 2) smaller class and one-on-one instruction. 3) nice activities. For example, when they teach the song”we are going on a bear hunt”, they set up the scenes (grass, storm, ect), made maps with children, and have children act out the story. If they merely sang the song or did some coloring, my son would not be able to comprehend, appreciate or become interested.

It is expensive. We are lucky to have nice insurance. I feel guilty about recommending something costly to people without insurance. But I truly feel it is worth it.[/fresh_quote]

[fresh_quote source=”Anonymous”]Lakeside is a great therapy center for kids with ASD and related disorders. Their staff is energetic and fun and very good at what they do. They offer a variety of services and always seem to be adding programs. Highly recommend it![/fresh_quote]

[fresh_quote source=”Anonymous”]From the moment we enrolled our son at ICAN we have been continually impressed. ICAN has exceptionally high standards when it comes to the teachers and therapists who work with the children. The staff has been a constant source of support, not only for our son but for us as parents. We have been thrilled by the progress and growth that our son has made over the past year. There are so many difficult decisions to make when you have a child on the spectrum. Enrolling our son at ICAN was the easiest and best decision we’ve ever made.[/fresh_quote]

[fresh_quote source=”Anonymous”]Lakeside Academy provides an outstanding preschool program that integrates a very low ratio of students to teachers, individualized goals and accommodations, heavy input from therapists, and facilitated social interactions with peers. The teachers have a great understanding of how to engage each of the students and work on social skills as well as academic foundations. It has been a wonderful program for our daughter.[/fresh_quote]

[fresh_quote source=”Anonymous”]Lakeside Academy has changed our lives. Having a preschool where my child gets constant one to one care is priceless. I haven’t seen another preschool like it. The progress my child has made in just a few months is nothing short of amazing. I feel every child whether on the spectrum or not deserves a preschool like this. We feel blessed to be a part of it.[/fresh_quote]

[fresh_quote source=”Anonymous”]Lakeside Academy’s Peer program has been an amazing experience for both of my children.  I have two children who both completed two years in the peers program.  They excelled and left the program feeling confident in their skills and demonstrated this when they entered Kindergarten.  You won’t find a better student teacher ratio at any other preschool  and this individual attention allowed my children to excel.  They have grown to become leaders and have an understanding now of individual differences.  I would highly recommend ICAN Academy program for any typically developing child.[/fresh_quote]

[fresh_quote source=”Anonymous”]My second daughter is now enrolled in the Peer program at ICAN Academy.  Both of my daughters have learned how to be persistent with friendships and because of the focus on social-emotional development, they have grown in their ability to articulate better how they feel when they describe their day to me.  Academically, my daughter is highly challenged by her classmates.  While she is coaxing friends into fun pretend play ideas or to climb and jump higher they are teaching her numbers, 1:1 correspondence and letter recognition.  In 4 months she has learned pre-reading skills, pre-math skills and is proud every day of what she has learned.[/fresh_quote]

[fresh_quote source=”Anonymous”]Our daughter just finished her second year as a peer in the preschool program at ICAN.  She has really blossomed in those two years!  She was initially shy and cautious, but over time became quite confident in her abilities-academically, physically and socially.  I think outside of just getting prepared for kindergarten, she has started to learn about how to get along with and appreciate others with different abilities—something that can be a challenge even for an adult!  I would recommend this experience to anyone who would like their child to have a unique opportunity to be a role model for others, but also to learn how to be empathic of others who may be different from them.[/fresh_quote]