personfirstAs the population increases, now past seven billion, we have no choice but to become closer and more connected to each other. With this connection we must realize that we are all people first and have the choice to be referred to in the way we see ourselves. No matter race, gender, strengths, challenges and so forth, we must respect the individual. As a way to promote the awareness of an inclusive world, we must break down stereotypes and respect each other.

Person First© is a concept that is intended to create standards for individuals to adopt for an inclusive mindset that is respectful to everyone. An individualorganization may show their support for Person First© by signing a contract which states that you are committed to using communication that shows respect to all individuals.


The net proceeds for this program will be provided directly to individuals needing financial assistance for accessibility to treatment and education services or materials. A family must apply for financial assistance and a board will review the applicants and determine the individual and/or family that will receive assistance.

For Individuals

You can show your support by signing a contract and purchasing: Window stickers that are $10, t-shirts at $25, and hats at $30. Click here to order!


For Organizations

Membership into the program is $100 per year. The membership includes a web listing identifying your organization as a Person First© organization and 2 window clings (extras are available to purchase for $10 a sticker). You may also purchase additional materials to wear or display in your office.

T-shirts available to purchase at $25 and hats at $30. Membership is renewed every January. If you sign up for membership within 30 days of the end of the year, you do not have to pay for renewal until the following year.



I’m so grateful to each and every one of you for working so patiently with Ryan to help him overcome many of his challenges! You’ve made therapy sessions such a fun experience for him and I’m so happy that he’s developed such a passion for learning. - Ryan's Story