Gross Motor Milestones

Age 3

  • walks with an agile, almost adult style
  • runs around obstacles
  • catches large balls and throws overhead
  • climbs simple ladders; uses slide independently and maintains sitting
  • rides a tricycle using pedals
  • alternates feet when climbing stairs (one foot on each step)
  • moves a chair to reach for an object

Age 4

  • running is more controlled; can start, stop and turn
  • turns somersaults; hops on one foot a few times; gallops
  • jumps forward over 2 feet and down from 20-24 inches
  • can easily catch, throw, and bounce a ball
  • walk up and down stairs alternating feet without rail
  • swings, starting by himself and keeping himself going

Age 5

  • alternates feet down the stairs without a rail
  • jumps over items 10 inches high
  • walks on a balance beam forward securely
  • can balance on roller skates and one foot for over 10 seconds
  • hops on one foot 5 or more times on each foot

Age 6

  • rides a bike (may still need training wheels)
  • catches and throws a small ball well
  • can do jumping jacks and other novel activities